PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND COMMUNITIES: The Local Council Reform White Paper will soon be issued for Public Consultation

I believe that the councils are the government of our localities that will ultimately lead to improvements in the lives of the residents, said Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis during the mayors’ and vice mayors’ meeting.

With regards to the Local Council Reform, Silvio Parnis said that final discussions are currently taking place so that a White Paper will be issued soon for public consultation. The Parliamentary Secretary also insisted that such meetings are crucial so that he could increasingly listen to what mayors and members of local councils had to say. He also recalled a meeting a few months back with former mayors of Malta and Gozo, where constructive discussions and suggestions for the reform process had emerged.

Silvio Parnis reiterated that the mayor must truly become the leading citizen of the locality and should be there even more for the residents. Therefore, it’s being proposed that the mayor is given the possibility to choose to work on full-time basis. The Parliamentary Secretary concluded that by means of this reform, Malta will have local governments of excellence that could respond to the citizens’ legitimate expectations.

Source: Government of Malta