PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Launch of a Community Innovation Fund by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government: Another Euros 600,000 to fund useful projects for Maltese and Gozitan communities

The Government, through the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government, is allocating a fund of Euros 600,000 to the respective regions to prepare and implement a number of useful community projects in consultation with local councils and administrative committees to improve the quality of life of residents.

This is another government initiative to be added to other similar initiatives that have been launched by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government in the recent months, and this again reconfirms the commitment of this government so that our local authorities can indeed be a regeneration instrument that make a difference in our respective communities. This was stated by Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Buontempo during his speech at the launch of the Community Innovation Fund. He stressed that it is time for our communities to be managed through long-term plans based on the residents’ aspirations and programmed with a clear and sustainable strategy. It was a constant message that I always stated and insisted upon whenever I had the opportunity to address our locally elected representatives from the very beginning of my appointment as Parliamentary Secretary. I strongly believe that long-term planning based on innovative elements and concepts will lead to enhancing the confidence of our residents in their respective regions and local councils. Once again I am involving our regional committees, as we promised in the electoral manifesto, as they also take a central role in the collective development of our communities, Parliamentary Secretary Buontempo added.

This initiative, which is the first of its kind, will have as its main themes the strengthening of communities, integration, and urban regeneration. The purpose of this scheme is to give a boost to the regional committees so that they may develop innovative projects in relation to one or more of the themes indicated above. Projects must be submitted at the Local Government Division by 17th July 2017 and should be designed to be implemented over a period of three years.

I urge the respective regional committees to seize this opportunity that is being presented to them and in a professional manner submit those projects that are really needed within their respective communities. It is therefore essential to indulge in further discussion and coordination with the community because these projects must stem from the community for the benefit of the same community, concluded Parliamentary Secretary Buontempo.

Source: Government of Malta