PRESS RELEASE FROM IDENTITY MALTA: Identity Malta Agency revises its opening hours to offer a better service

In response to the growing demand for all of Identity Malta’s services, the Agency is revisiting its existing procedures and opening hours as well as recruiting additional personnel as previously planned.

In order to accommodate better customer needs, the current system used at the Expatriates Unit will no longer be in place but instead new front desk opening hours will be introduced from Monday 17th June 2019. The Expatriates Unit will be receiving applications from Monday to Friday between 07:30am and 11:30am, and resume processing afterwards. Identity Malta officials will be attending to the needs of all those queuing during that window period.

Furthermore, as from Monday 1st July 2019, the Central Visa Unit will be accepting general queries and the submission of applications from Monday to Friday between 08:00am and 02:00pm. The Central Visa Unit’s extended opening hours will increase customer contact time by a weekly 12 hours.

These measures are intended to meet customer demands better.

Source: Government of Malta