STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE 62+ Savings Bonds Government of Malta – March 2019 results, ‘allocation policy, and refunds

The Accountant General announces that by the deadline at 5.00 pm on Thursday 14 March 2019, the Treasury received 13 030 application nominal value of Euros 105 725 600 while the issue amount was Euros 65 million subject to the amount increased to massismu of Euros 35 million, in case demands exceed the amount of the issue.

The Treasury is exercising the right to increase the amount of issue in accordance with article 10 of the prospectus, to the total amount that will be allocated to increase up to Euros 100 million.

The table below shows the contributions made by the two categories of applicants:

* Applicants Category A: New Eligible applicants born in 1957 and people born before 1957 who were eligible to apply at the exit of the previous year of 62 + Savings Government Bond Malta held in 2017 and 2018 but did not participate;

** Applicants Category B: all applicants who participated in the issuance of the previous two years 2017 and 2018 and whose name would appear in the register at the close of Tuesday’s business day 5 February 2019.

As stipulated in article 11 (a) prospectus, preference will be given to new applicants classified in a eligbbli under category ‘A’. In this regard, these applicants will be allocated the full amounts applied for. After allocating bonds to applicants of category A, the Treasury will allocate the remaining amount from the amount of the issuance of Euros 100 million between applicants Category ‘B’.

The allocation of bonds for these applicants will be as follows:

applicants who applied up to Euros 8900 will be accepted in full;

Applicants applying for an amount of more than Euros 8,900 will be allocated a minimum of Euros 8,900 per applicant, plus an additional amount of 9% on the balance not yet allocated, adjusted to the nearest Euros 100 . As an example, the table below shows the allocation of bonds to applicants for Category B for different amounts applied, based on the policy of allocation as described above.

In this regard, the Treasury is to allocate an amount of Euros 27.6972 million between new entrants classified in Category A and Euros 72.0156 million between applicants who are already holders of 62 + Savings Bonds of Malta Government classified in Category ‘B’. The total amount that will be allocated between the two categories will be Euros 99.7128 million.

As set out in the prospectus, the interest on the amount invested started accruing from 20 March 2019. Further information and data can be obtained from the result of 62 + Savings Bond Government of Malta – Issue 2019 was published on the website of the Department of Treasury


It is planned that the refund amount to the sum of Euros 6.0128 million in unallocated money to applicants for Category ‘B’, whose application has not been accepted, all will be paid through bank credit under the scheme SEPA in IBAN indicated by the applicant in the application, on Wednesday, 3 April, 2019.

Source: Government of Malta