STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND THE OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: Through early screening found 33 cases of large bowel cancer

From how long ago become cancer screening of large intestine, in 2013, found 33 cases of bowel cancer. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne as today launched a campaign for awareness of bowel cancer.

“March is the month dedicated to increasing awareness of bowel cancer and then to also knowledge about the means of preventing this second most common cause of death associated with cancer. The prevention program that is being emphasized more on today been initiated since 2013 and had good results. The response of those targeted for this prevention program is steadily improving, but can be further increased. We are now even broaden the age of those who are appealing to them to do this test. In fact we invite every man and woman whose age ranges from 55-69 years to make this step of prevention, “stressed the Deputy Prime Minister.

During this month the Department of Primary Care National Screening Program will be visiting c health centers will be distributed handbooks on the importance of making this test. In addition, all citizens who fall in the age between 55 and 69 years will be receiving in the mail related kit then it must also be remitted by mail.

The screening test for bowel is simple and thereby identify whether there are traces of fecal occult blood. In case of a positive result, become more tests, such as colonoscopy. By this test, the first step done in the each individual home comfort, the bowel cancer can be detected at an early stage, and could prevent the development of same cancer.

The bowel cancer is the second most common cause of death associated with cancer. Every year found an average of 265 new cases of bowel cancer. It is slightly more common in men than in women. Official statistics show that over the past five years there has been an average of 150 cases in men and an average of 115 cases in women. The incidence of bowel cancer begins to increase after the individual reaches 55 years and is more common in the age of over 70 years.

“Through the test program number of Maltese and Gozitans who die each year of bowel cancer action can be reduced. The purpose of the test is to catch cancer early so treatment is more effective. It can also be identified and removed warts over time can develop into cancer. If the cancer is detected before it spreads outside the colon, the chance to live at least five years after diagnosis is 90%, “said Deputy Prime Minister.

Since the initiation of the test program in 2013 found 141 cases of bowel cancer and 2,000 people who had warts. Last year between Mater Dei and Gozo General Hospital were 780 colonoscopy and found 33 cases of bowel cancer.

At present every week sent more than 1,000 invitation to do this test. Over the past year have been sent more than 31,500 invitations. Responded to this call a little over 17,300. It is gratifying that the participation rate is increasing, so that last year reached almost 55%. It was started for people whose ages ranged from 60 to 64 years, each year widened the gap. Until last year had met all those whose age ranged 57 to 69 years. Everyone is invited to test every two years.

Since the program was launched in 2013 there have been around 166,000 people invited to participate.

The launch of the campaign took place in the house Local City Council which resumed after the campaign that the Department of Primary Care in the Community is making coordination with local councils to healthier living among ic- citizens. During these sessions the citizens of a particular location given information about what food to eat, about x’dieta should follow, as well as physical x’ezercizzji can do. Also undergo blood tests for sugar level and blood pressure.

Source: Government of Malta