With the latest statement issued by officials of the opposition Nationalist organ, it is clear that the purpose of the Opposition, as usual, is misleading with people on Air Malta situation as the company recorded at first its profits after being left in a degrading state within Nationalist government.

The operation of the Malta MedAir is totally independent from Air Malta and operating on business plan totally separate in most of its major includes the lease back to Air Malta of landing rights Heathrow and Gatwick. The purchase of these slots was made precisely to protect and more favorable use of this asset. The company is also thrive in other areas including offering advice to other companies in the establishment of AOCs in Malta and is a funding mechanism for the purchase of aircraft.

It is totally not true that the result of profit recorded by Air Malta is due to a subsidy of entities or other government companies. The transfer of landing rights mentioned in the same statement was made to protect the same assets in the national interest in remote control if Air Malta shuts down.

What is said in the statement, that is somehow MedAir pay employees or otherwise mitigate the employment costs of the Ground Handling section is totally false and blatant lies.

The gains recorded by the national airline is operating profit and therefore not related to revenue recorded by the transfer of landing rights Gatwick and Heathrow.

Again it appears that the Opposition did not agree to the ears that other national company was on track today.

The Minister Konrad Mizzi take this opportunity to thank all of the national airline workers along with them and all stakeholders for the first time the national airline recorded profit.

Source: Government of Malta