STATEMENT BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: The President commends study of the Malta Institute of Accountants and MISCO of the Gender Pay Gap in the’accounting sector

During a visit at the office of the Malta Institute of Accountants, the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca was presented with a copy of a study that MIA made along with MISCO entitled ‘Gender Pay Gap Study in-the Accountancy Profession , which study found a discrepancy of 20% between the salaries of men and women who have been in the sector for more than ten years. This same study also found that the longer women have been in the sector accounting further increase the gap between the wages.

The President Coleiro Preca praised the Malta Institute of Accountants for the initiative taken, and urged them to continue researching so through this help to raise awareness on this issue, even with other areas of work, as who in their work are best-placed because they meet with entrepreneurs in various sectors.

In view of the fact that it is multi-dimensional issue, the President reiterated that the solution to overcome this issue once and for all must also be multi-dimensional. She said that in addition to the legislation gender pay gap , which already exists in countries such as Iceland, here need further education to address the mindset and culture in our societies.

Throughout the visit, the President Coleiro Preca also had the opportunity to meet with workers within the institute.

Source: Government of Malta