THE MINISTRY FOR ENERGY, ENTERPRISE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Gvern g?an-Nies: Minister Miriam Dalli announces €170 million investment to double energy supply

Comprehensive study confirms investment in the energy sector will allow energy supply to meet the demand

Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli announced a €170 million investment in a second interconnector as part of the next phase for Malta’s energy sector.

Addressing a press conference at Enemalta’s terminal station in Maghtab, Minister Dalli announced that the Cabinet of Ministers led by the Prime Minister Robert Abela had approved the proposal as part of the government’s energy plan.

“This decision will strengthen the link between Malta and Europe, allowing our country to double its connectivity with the European energy grid. This will allow Malta to increase its security of supply”, explained the minister.

The second interconnector will have a capacity of 200MW, with a similar connection to the first interconnector. While work was being done on the first interconnector, the government had already planned the infrastructure for a second interconnector. These preparations include a reactor and the foundation for the switchgear in Ragusa, and another switchgear and the control switch in Malta.

“For Malta to meet its targets of reducing emissions from the generation and energy use and to respond to the ever-increasing demand generated by economic growth, we need to continue diversifying and strengthening our sources. Keeping consumers at the centre of our policies remains the priority. At the same time, our country is preparing to meet the demand that will arise from electric vehicles and shore-to-ship projects. With the second interconnector, Malta is expected to reduce such emissions by 58%”, explained Minister Dalli.

She also stated that the energy plan by this government is based on five pillars: diversification of sources, security of supply, price stability for families and businesses, decarbonisation, and keeping consumers at the heart of the decisions made.

“During these years, Malta transformed its energy generation sector and our commitment is to continue pushing in this direction”, continued Minister Dalli.

The next steps include updating the 2015 technical design, launching an underwater study, issuing a call for tenders and renewing the development permits in Malta and Italy. All this is based on a comprehensive study which analyses the demand for the energy supply over the coming 15 years. The study looked at a number of alternative connections, risks and advantages. The Ragusa connection was confirmed as the best option with the least risks and offering the best grid stability.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister