THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER: Prime Minister Robert Abela visits the state-of-the-art maritime training facility MaritimeMT

Prime Minister Robert Abela visited the state-of-the-art educational institute MaritimeMT in Hal Far. Minister responsible for maritime Ian Borg accompanied the Prime Minister.

MaritimeMT was built with an investment of €4 million by the Mediterranean Maritime Research & Training Centre Co-op, with the aim of providing specialised training to seafarers and onshore maritime employees. Today, this facility has already started welcoming students for a variety of courses, ranging from recreational to those leading to commercial certification.

Prime Minister Abela commended the investment made by MaritimeMT to use new technologies in the training it gives to this sector, which is so important for our country’s economy. He noted with pleasure the partnership MaritimeMT has with several experts who are facilitating e-learning platforms, as well as immersive technologies and virtual reality for its students.

MaritmeMT continuously works with the Merchant Shipping Directorate within Transport Malta to invest in new training and certification programmes. In fact, the academy’s portfolio will be divided into three – one part for shipping, one part for superyachts and one part dedicated to small craft. One of the most important courses developed for the local industry is the TM Recreational Skipper Licence 35Nm Mediterranean Sea, while the Transport Malta Master of Yachts 200GT 60Nm/150Nm/Unlimited Model Course has also been developed and will now give an opportunity to those holding a Master of Yachts to upgrade to a Master of Commercial Vessels. These courses are creating new careers and jobs for Maltese seafarers, and there are plans to widen this licence to a Certificate of Competence in line with the STCW Convention.

During Prime Minister Abela’s visit, MaritimeMT and the Merchant Shipping Directorate announced that they have collaborated so that, in the coming weeks, courses leading to a Certificate of Competence for Officer of the Watch 3000GT and Master 500GT will start being offered for the yachting sector. This is an important development, especially when one considers the substantial rise in superyacht registrations, as the opportunity to have more certified Maltese working on these vessels will continue to strengthen our country’s position on the Superyacht Industry Map.

Apart from this development, a Model Course for Yacht Stability accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority was also announced, while work is underway for MaritimeMT to start offering courses in engineering and hospitality, and discussions are ongoing with MCAST towards collaboration between the two educational institutions.

During today’s activity, the Minister responsible for maritime Ian Borg presented MaritimeMT with the certificates that will allow the new courses to be offered to the facility’s students.

During the visit, the Prime Minister and Minister Borg attended a meeting with MaritimeMT management and Transport Malta management.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister