December 12, 2022

Franco-US Satellite Set for Unprecedented Survey of Earth’s Water

A Franco-U.S. satellite is due for launch this week on a mission to survey with unprecedented accuracy nearly all water on Earth’s surface for the first time and help scientists investigate its impact on Earth’s climate. For NASA and France’s space agency CNES, which have worked together in the field for 30 years, it’s a landmark scientific mission with a billion-dollar budget. French President Emmanuel Macron went to NASA’s Washington headquarters at the end of November alongside U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris. He highlighted the liftoff — scheduled for early Thursday on the U.S. West Coast — of the Surface


Explainer: Why Fusion Could Be a Clean-Energy Breakthrough

The Department of Energy planned an announcement Tuesday on a “major scientific breakthrough” at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, one of several sites worldwide where researchers have been trying to develop the possibility of harnessing energy from nuclear fusion. It’s a technology that has the potential to one day accelerate the planet’s shift away from fossil fuels, which are the major contributors to climate change. The technology has long struggled with daunting challenges. Here’s a look at exactly what nuclear fusion is, and some of the difficulties in turning it into the cheap and carbon-free energy source that scientists believe


THE NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE Report by the Auditor General on the Public Accounts 2021

Today, the Auditor General, Charles Deguara, presented to Speaker of the House of Representatives, Anġlu Farrugia, the Annual Audit Report on the Public Accounts for 2021. It comprises 36 audit reports on the operations of several public sector entities. This publication also includes an analysis of the Financial Report 2021, as well as an overview of the Statements of Arrears of Revenue for the same year, as submitted to Treasury by the respective ministry, department, and entity.   The National Audit Office has judiciously analysed the level of compliance of various expenditure and revenue items with prevailing rules and regulations.