Adwa Was Not Only Victory for Ethiopia, but for Africa: South Sudan Foreign Affairs Minister

The Victory of Adwa was not only for Ethiopia, but it was a victory for Africa. It was a wakeup call for all Africans to stand up and fight for their rights,’ South Sudan Foreign Affairs Minister James P. Morgan said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the foreign minister noted that Adwa was a victory for Africa and ‘we are all proud as Africans.’

According to him, ‘Adwa victory was a wakeup call for all Africans to stand up and fight for their rights.’

So, Morgan reiterated that Africans will continue to celebrate the Victory of Adwa with Ethiopian brothers and sisters.

‘Ethiopians represented the African people in the Battle of Adwa. (Therefore) we will join Ethiopians in their celebration, whether physically with those of our people who are here in Ethiopia or we will celebrate spiritually when we are far away from you people of Ethiopia.’

The foreign minister said that Victory of Adwa will remain a memory that continues to be celebrated by generations to generations because it was the ‘victory of d
ignity of African people.’

He also congratulated Ethiopians in advance and said wants to remind them the spirit of Adwa, was the ‘unity of Ethiopian people that brought that victory.’

The unity of the Ethiopian people remains a key to the success of Ethiopia since then as it is the same now; and it will be the same forever, Morgan noted.

Ethiopians across the nation will celebrate the 128th anniversary of the Victory of Adwa with various ceremonies this coming Saturday.

This year’s celebration of the victory is special as the recently Adwa Victory Memorial Museum was inaugurated after 128 years of the battle.

The memorial museum depicts and memorializes the sacrifices Ethiopians paid for their sovereignty and set examples for Africans to fight against colonialism.

On March 1, 1896, Ethiopians from all walks of life marched to the town of Adwa and defeated the Italian colonial army in the Battle of Adwa.

The Ethiopians fought against the fascist Italian army and won the most historic and decisive victor

The significance of the battle of Adwa is that it was the first successful African campaign against European colonial aspirations.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency