IGAD, EU Sign 4 Mil Euros Financing Agreement to Strengthen Partnership for Regional Dev’t & Peace

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and European Union (EU) signed a 4 million Euros financing agreement to enhancing the EU-IGAD partnership.

The agreement inked by Deputy Executive Secretary of IGAD, Mohamed Abdi Ware and European Union (EU) Ambassador to Djibouti and IGAD, Sylvie Tabesse.

This financial support highlights the EU’s acknowledgment of IGAD’s important role in promoting regional development and peace in the horn of Africa.

The funds will fortify IGAD’s efforts in addressing a spectrum of issues in the region, including natural disasters, humanitarian crises, and peace and security challenges.

The agreement mirrors a shared commitment to stability, security, and development in the IGAD region.

This Financing Agreement symbolizes the EU’s trust in IGAD’s capacity to drive

positive change, reflecting their belief that supporting IGAD is an investment in a more

peaceful and prosperous Horn of Africa, it was indicated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency