Kitui Mega Cancer Care Centre Ready For Use

The construction of a state-of-the-art cancer centre at Kitui County Referral Hospital has been finalised, with plans for equipping underway. The centre is set to provide crucial cancer care services to all residents of the three lower Eastern region counties (Kitui, Machakos, and Makueni), thus contributing to the provision of better healthcare to the region’s population. Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, while disclosing the much-needed provision of cancer care treatment services across the said 3 counties, praised the partnership between the County Government of Kitui and the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) for its contribution towards the construction of the mega cancer care centre. Governor Malombe, who spoke during a meeting with the CMMB team in his offices at the county government headquarters in Kitui Town, noted that the CMMB was marking a significant step in the collaborative efforts to enhance healthcare in the region. ‘The construction of a state-of-the-art cancer centre at Kitui County Referral Hospital has been successfully completed, with plans for equipping it underway. This centre is set to provide crucial cancer care services to the region’s residents, contributing to better healthcare outcomes,’ said the governor. The county chief, Malombe, underlined his administration’s unwavering commitment to sustaining and expanding this partnership into other regions, emphasising the significance of locally developed solutions to address healthcare system gaps. He expressed deep appreciation to CMMB for their instrumental role in providing hands-on training to Community Health Promoters (CHPs) in Kitui. This fruitful collaboration has also brought the advancement of telemedicine to Kitui County. Notably, teleconference facilities have been installed in 16 level IV facilities, comprising two mission hospitals and 14 level IV hospitals. The acquisition of essential telemedicine software is presently in progress, marking a significant leap in healthcare accessibility for the local populace. The CMMB delegation, spearheaded by Dr. James Kisia, the Country Director, appreciated the remarkable progress achieved in various areas of community health system strengthening, water sanitation, hygiene, and health facility systems enhancement. These efforts have played a pivotal role in uplifting the health status of Kitui’s communities. One of the most striking achievements of this partnership is in Kitui South, where the rate of home deliveries has been substantially reduced by 33%. Additionally, the community now enjoys improved access to skilled birth attendance, with the rate soaring from 29.7% to an impressive 75.4%. Antenatal care coverage has also seen a significant enhancement, surging from 30% to 64%, among other notable improvements. In attendance at the significant meeting were Deputy Governor Augustine Kanani, CECMs Ruth Koki and Gitonga Nkunda, as well as Chief Officers from the County Ministry of Health. Mr. Dick Day, the CMMB US Senior Vice President, and Yombo Tanzoano of CMMB US were also present, among other distinguished participants. The partnership between Kitui County and CMMB stands as a beacon of progress, highlighting the transformative impact of collaborative efforts in healthcare and demonstrating a steadfast dedication to the well-being of Kitui’s communities. As this partnership continues to flourish, it holds the promise of bringing even greater improvements in healthcare to the region and beyond.

Source: Kenya News Agency