Machakos Unveils Elnino Rains Preparedness Plan

The County Government of Machakos has set aside Sh90 million to mitigate effects of the impending Elnino rains. Governor Wavinya Ndeti said the disaster fund is part of the comprehensive measures that the county government has put in place to reduce potential risks of the rains. Ndeti also disclosed that a speciliased team of close to 105 officers from various departments have been trained in critical response and emergency roles and will act as first responders in Elnino related disasters. She said the officers include emergency medical technicians who will provide lifesaving medical care in high risk situations. Others are fire engine operators, ambulance drivers and emergency centre operation officers who will give out information and resources during emergencies. ‘We also have hospital care providers equipped to deliver vital medical care before patients reach to the hospital to ensure high chances of survival besides dispatch and evacuation officers who will be first point of contact when emergencies occur to ensure rapid response and evacuation,’ added the governor. Speaking outside her office when she unveiled the county’s Elnino preparedness plan Wavinya said her government was adequately prepared to respond to dangers posed by the rains. ‘The rapid response team is equipped to provide assistance to those in need. Our plan includes proper prediction, preparedness, response, recovery and reconstruction, ‘she added. The governor also said she will collaborate with the nation government,the Kenya Red Cross and other state and non-state agencies to develop a well thought plan needed for emergency response. ‘Elnino though a rare occu leaves behind a trail loss and destruction and we shall collaborate with our partners to take proactive measures to deal with the rains that may trigger need for emergency response,’ noted Wavinya.

Source: Kenya News Agency