THE MINISTRY FOR THE ECONOMY AND INDUSTRY SIGMA, global igaming festival, attracts 600 investors to Malta

For the first time, investors interested in blockchain and artificial intelligence unite in the same festival

The Sigma Europe 2021 Festival welcomes a record 600 investors in our country. For the seventh year in a row, this festival, which today has become one of the largest igaming festivals worldwide, has once again chosen Malta, from all over Europe, to showcase the best talent in the sector. For the first time, they are being joined by exhibitors and investors interested in Malta in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain. Throughout the same fair, the AIBC is also being held, bringing together investors and individuals from the sectors of artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things, quantum tech, and emerging technologies, digital sectors that together are discussing and shaping the future of the next economies and industry, globally.

Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri inaugurated the opening of this fair which is being held at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali and addressed a conference on regulation and compliance. He said that, “In the economic aspect we are seeing the implementation of various strategies that we launched three years ago, in relation to igaming, videogame development, esports, immersive technology, crypto, among others.” He added that now that the activity has resumed at a good rhythm, both as a Government and as a Ministry, they will continue pushing forward these sectors that will contribute towards a local to diversified economy.

He referred to the employment that this sector is creating. As recently reported by the SIGMA news portal, in a survey conducted by Boston Link, in the first quarter of 2021, the number of new jobs created was already higher than that before COVID-19. In fact, in Malta itself in recent weeks, 250 new jobs have been announced in the igaming sector alone and in the sports sector it has been announced that by 2030 this will reach 2,500 job creation.

He concluded by saying that “in an atmosphere that is clearly showing that with precautions our country is returning to normal life before COVID, it is time to start looking beyond. Sigma’s success is a testament to this.”

The COO of Gaming Malta, Mr Ivan Filletti, said that a Sigma-like festival that brings together international exhibitors from both igaming and the blockchain in one conference is showing how Malta really is the home of gaming excellence. He noted that the response from investors is excellent. “I am very optimistic. There are many new investors looking at Malta. This is because Malta has a healthy ecosystem. Here you will find expert advisors, a legal framework, strong talent and a high level of education. All this makes our system interesting for investors.”

The Founder of Sigma Group Mr. Eman Pulis said that, “People were eager to come to Malta and came by the thousands. We broke every record we ever had for SIGMA. I am optimistic from the feedback I am getting from all the delegates and exhibitors. Malta, time after time, always proved itself. Malta is a small country and adapts to trends much faster than larger countries.”

Source: Office of the Prime Minister