Unlicensed Molasses Trade Banned In Lugari

Government authorities have banned the unlicensed molasses trade in Lugari in a bid to curb the manufacture, sale, and consumption of illicit brews in the sub county.

Area Deputy County Commissioner Moses Gicharu, while announcing the ban, noted that molasses is a major ingredient in the manufacture of illicit brews, hence, those involved in its illegal distribution will face the full force of the law.

Addressing residents of Mautuma and Marakusi locations at Makutano Trading Center, Gicharu said any molasses dealer must obtain approval from the relevant government authorities.

‘Nobody is allowed to sell molasses without a permit from the Sugar Directorate. Any trader without permission must henceforth stop,’ he declared, noting that the many illicit molasses distribution points are enhancing illicit liquor production in the sub-county.

Gicharu urged residents to join the fight against illicit brews, saying it is aimed at creating an enabling environment for the development and prosperity of the sub county.

He warned boda-boda operators and motorists engaged in the transportation of chang’aa through the sub-county from the neighbouring sub-counties that their days are numbered.

He said, ‘We already have intelligence that some riders are actively engaged in ferrying chang’aa and bhang. If you own a motorcycle and you have given it out to a rider to undertake business for you, kindly warn them against engaging in illicit activities.

‘If you don’t and we happen to impound the motorcycle, just know you will forfeit it to the government. It is now upon you to ensure your rider is not doing the wrong business. Motorists involved in the illicit trade should also stop,’ he stressed.

‘Once we arrest them, we shall take them to court, seek forfeiture from the government, and sell the motorcycle or vehicle through a public auction.’

Gicharu reminded residents that the government has offered them an opportunity to undertake legal businesses through affirmative action funds like the Uwezo Fund and Youth and Women Enterprise, hence, they should seize the chance to uplift themselves.

The Sub County Police Commander Bernard Ngungu and the Critical Infrastructure Police Unit Head Philip Maweu told locals that security should start from their homesteads before they move out and complain of insecurity.

They said individuals propagating criminal activities live among the community; hence, they should volunteer information to security agencies and administrators for action.

Source: Kenya News Agency